Choosing windows for home addition

Home additions are great. It’s a way of giving your home a transformation and adding the necessary space your family has been dreaming about. While there are families who are going for remodelling projects, many families are taking advantage of home addition. 

If you are working on details on your home addition, one aspect you should give importance to is choosing windows. It’s crucial that you select the right windows because it has a great impact on the overall appearance of your home on both exterior and interior designs. Also, windows provide the needed warmth, natural light and ventilation need for your added space.

So here are the major aspects you should consider in selecting windows.

Type of window materials

Windows can be made from various material such as:

Wood windows – this is the traditional window material. Window woods have good insulating properties that it can withstand both heat and cold. When it comes to appearance, there is no doubt that wood windows are attractive and really catches the attention of passersby.  Wood windows require a certain amount of maintenance to make it durable and last long. Painting and treating should be done in order to protect it from moulds and moisture, aslo to keep it from rotting. Woods windows are expensive compared to other types of windows.

  • Vinyl windows  – compared to wood windows, vinyl has the performance similar to wood windows but only cheaper and requires less maintenance. This material provides good insulation too and also looks great. If you are looking for an alternative to wood windows, then vinyl windows would be the ebay choice.
  • Aluminum windows – among any window material, aluminum is the cheapest and requires less to no maintenance but offers the least energy efficiency.  Aluminum windows come in different colours so you’ll have a wide variety of choices. It is weather resistant and it has dent-proof qualities, so no need to repaint aluminum windows.

Styles of windows

Once you have decided the material, next is choosing the style of your windows.

Single or double hung windows – the most common style of windows found in most homes. Hung windows are open and close by sliding up or down. Single hung window can be opened by sliding it up while a double hung window can be opened from either the top or bottom. Double hung windows consist of two sashes in a single frame which bypass each other when you open it up from bottom or top. This type of windows are usually installed in Victorian homes or a home that is going for classic or Colonial style. Single hung windows on the other hand is only using a single stash that can be slid upward when opening. This type of window is usually used in hard to reach areas like over the kitchen sink but it can also be found in  most apartments.

  • Casement windows – this is a very popular style of windows that are often featured in different homes. Casement windows often have one large sash that is installed vertically either on the left or right side and is used to open the window by swinging it out. These types of windows offer more ventilation compared to single or double hung windows. There is also less air leakage in the room if you have casement windows. Because you have to swing it out, it may not be ideal to place them in rooms where there is heavy traffic such as porches for decks.

Awning windows – these windows are hinged from the top and are opened outward. The crank handles installed on awning windows are what makes it easy to open even when they are placed on hard to reach areas the moment you need ventilation. This is the only window style that can be open even when it rains because it shed water away from the opening.This is ideal for areas where there is frequent rain because you can just leave it open without worrying about the water coming into your home.

Fixed windows – these windows cannot be open nor provide ventilation. It is installed for the purpose of enhancing the view from the outside of the home. These often come in circular or hexagonal shape and installed in combination with other window styles.

Types of glass

Next is you have to choose the type of glass for your preferred window style.

Clear – this is the basic material used for any window pane. 

  • Low-e – it is a coating that is made of thin finish of metal oxide on the surface of clear glass. This coating helps reduce the amount of heat that flows through the glass.
  • Reflective – it is a coating made of reflective film. The film is used to control the solar heat especially during summer. It also reduces the amount of solar transmittance all year long.
  • Heat absorbing – the glass is treated with tints that sometimes comes in bronze or green colour. It aims to absorb 45% of solar energy that comes through the windows therefore increasing its energy efficiency.
  • These are only some of the important things you need to look into when choosing windows for your home addition project. Choosing the best windows still depends on some factors like climate, budget, your requirements, etc.To make the process easier, you can consult window professionals that can give you the best advice in choosing the perfect windows that would fit your home style and meet your preferences.


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